KY Drug Related Corruption has been Exploding for Over Twenty Years

The number of KY Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Attorneys, Law Makers,.. that have/are exhibiting extreme drug-related corruptive behavior are becoming to numerous to count.

  1. Sheriff Johnny Mann,
  2. Sheriff Dean Spencer,
  3. Sheriff Lester Drake,
  4. Sheriff John Hayden,
  5. Sheriff Billy McIntosh,
  6. Police Sgt. Benjamin R. Walden,
  7. Hon. Jason Paul Price,
  8. Chief of Police Jackie Keith Stewart,
  9. Police Chief Crystal Davis,
  10. City Councilman Jim Noll,
  11. Atty. William Nibet III,
  12. Sheriff Lawrence Hodge,
  13. Police Chief Omer Noe,
  14. Deputy Sheriff, Wilson Stone,
  15. Police Officer Terry Putnam,
  16. Deputy Chris Mattingly,
  17. Police Officer Travis Counts,
  18. Deputy David King,
  19. Sheriff Jamie Kinman,
  20. Executive Director of a Federally funded Northern Kentucky Drug Task Force - Timothy George Fegan,......

The list of KY officers and officials that have been busted with drug related crimes is endless. The list of dirty officers and officials that need to be addressed is a lot longer!

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KY Public Servant Lic. - The best chance for a future for our children is a clean Government TODAY!

This is the best way to ensure that our government is clean and fit for duty. Its cost shall be $600 and valid for 3 years. The cost of the card will cover the expense of one hair follicle drug screen, two urine screenings and a third party randomization and implementation process. It’s time to screen the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, all Officers, All members of the KY Bar Association, Social Service workers...

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Clean From the Top Down

Don't vacuum the carpets and then dust the ceiling fans. We are losing the war on drugs big time because we are not cleaning first where it matters most.

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Pave the way to a better Kentucky, Sign the Petition

They may ignore our Petition because the problem is bigger than they want to face. We will grow bigger, we will grow louder, and we will elect someone that will clean from the Top Down!