Many officers that get caught violating the law go uncharged. Looking the other way when one officer sees another's officer's crimes it is known as "Professional Courtesy" in the LEO industry. Citizens seem to have lost tolerance for Professional Courtesy and Media silence. WPSD Local 6 has shown some recent promise compiling much of the information on this list.

A thorough, open record, random drug screening handled by a third party is the only way to protect citizens and the good clean officers that are apt to be ran out of corruption growing agency.   As you skim this list pause to think about how many lives (and their children's lives) of KY citizens that have been devastated by these officers and other officers like them.  It's time to clean up the entire State.


Brian McKinney

Madisonville Police Department - Stole approximately 85 firearms

Mark Brown

Princeton Police Department -  Tampering  with Physical Evidence, Sexual Misconduct

James Gilkey

Kentucky  vehicle Enforcement - Manufacturing Methamphetamine / Stolen  Property

Eric Smith

Princeton Police Department - Embezzling

Marcus Thurman

Smith Grove Police Department - Theft from basic training and expulsion. Falsification of pre-employment records.

Roger Cooper

Kentucky State Police - Embezzling

Note: Kentucky State Police is VERY big on Professional Courtesy. They refused to file charges on

  • Atty. Jennifer Peeler for making a false police report in her bid to avoid a malpractice lawsuit,
  • Atty. Shannon Powers for complicity,
  • Sheriff John Hayden for child endangerment,
  • Social Worker Rita Jenkins for committing perjury,
  • Hon. Cynthia Sanderson & Hon. Deanna Wise Henschel for child endangerment as they denied due process to the children's dad so that the Sheriff John Hayden can use the children to make his C.I.'s Sheriff-Supported-Meth-House more believable to paranoid meth users,
  • Former Trooper Mark Posey - Known for fraudulent checks - not until enough pressure was put on the KSP did they "allow" him to resign. Mark Posey later lost his cert as Police Chief as he continued thefts and bad checks...
  • Former Trooper Logan Burks - Stole $721.07 in fuel and paid restitution of $352.58 -  Kentucky State Police Maj. Jeremy Thompson of whom is denying records to WPSD (a news agency that has been historically mostly silent on corruption - they are doing better this time! for more info), It’s important to remember $721 qualifies for felony charges. $352 is only a misdemeanor. It's even more important to note that Maj. Thompson stuck to Professional Courtesy and refused to charge Burks for even the misdemeanor.

If Kentucky State Police embezzling is as rampant as many Kentuckians believe; could there be a blackmail backlash if KSP didn't stick to their "Professional Courtesy" policies?

Kentuckians are developing a ZERO-Tolerance for "Professional Courtesy and all other double standards.

Louie Podunavac

Kentucky State Police - Used  debit cards to steal funds.

Herman Morris

Floyd County Sheriff's Office - Mail fraud

Charles Fleming

Federal Weapons charges

Jeffery Staples

Hart County Sheriff's  Office - Possession of an  illegal weapon and possession of a firearm w/out a serial number

Ricky Thornsberry

Floyd Co. Sheriff's  Office - Mail fraud

Daniel Carr

Lebanon Junction Police Dept. - Possession and intent to distribute OxyContin

Claudette McCracken

Louisville Metro Police Dept. - Tampering with public records

Duane Moore

Kentucky State Police - Second degree Manslaughter

Cynthia Moreland

Clinton County Sheriff's Office - Theft by unlawful taking or disposition over $300

Frank Smith

Perry County Sheriff's Office - Theft by deception, official misconduct, unlawful solicitation of compensation

Thomas Bradley

Worthington Police Department - Possession of a controlled substance in the first degree

Brad Fulks

Bowling Green Police Dept. - Official misconduct 1st degree

James Morgan

Henderson Police Dept. - Obtaining substances by misrepresentation

Michael Osborne

Muldraugh Police Dept. - Bought a high school diploma

Alexander Garnett

Murray Police Dept. - Cocaine and firearms charges

Billy White

Jefferson County Police Dept. - Sexual abuse, tampering with public records, tampering with physical evidence

James King

Tampering with physical evidence, sexual misconduct

Lee Shawn

Clarkson Police Dept. - Felony theft, tampering with physical evidence, possession of a firearm

Edward Wilson

Perryville Police Dept. - Theft by unlawful taking, impersonating a peace officer. We wonder  about  the impersonating charge. As we conduct the where are they now segment at we will take a closer look.

Kenneth Wynne

Louisville Metro Police Department - Official misconduct 1st degree

David Childers

Bellefonte Police Dept. - Possessing child pornography

Roger Hall

Criminal facilitation to murder and complicity to trafficking in a controlled substance

Jonathan Myers

Clark County Sheriff's Office - Distribution of Lortab pills and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime.

Richard Roberts

Manchester Police Dept. - Conspiracy to violate the racketeer influence and corrupt organization act

Roger Holbrook

Rowan County Sheriff's Office - Conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime

Steven Hopper

Shively Police Dept. - Unlawful access to a computer, theft by unlawful taking over $300

Maxie Murray

Glasgow Police Dept. - Conspiracy to possess hydrocodone without a valid prescription and intimidating, threating and corruptly persuading a person with the intent to hinder delay or prevent the communication to law enforcement officers relating to the commission of a federal offense

Albert Spitzer

Theft of mislaid or lost property over $500, receiving stolen property over $500

Johnny Travis

Glasgow Police Dept. - Conspiracy to possess hydrocodone without a valid prescription and intimidating, threating and corruptly persuading a person with the intent to hinder, delay or prevent the communication to law enforcement officers relating to the commission of a federal offense

Stephen Isaacs

Fish & Wildlife - Mail fraud

James Schalch

Robertson County Sheriff's Office - Receiving stolen property

Lawrence Thompson

Metcalfe County Sheriff's Office - Stalking, first degree and wanton endangerment

William Ellis

West Buechel Police Dept. - Theft, receiving stolen property, tampering with  physical evidence, possession of burglary tools and official misconduct

Michael Pennington

Kentucky State Police - Possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime

Jack Hazelwood

Frankfort Police Dept. - Marijuana cultivation

Carl Mullen

Highland Heights Police Dept. - Wire fraud and Aggravated identity theft.

Keith Todd

Lexington Division of Police - Assault, wanton endangerment, tampering with physical evidence, attempt to obtain controlled substance by fraud, DUI w/aggravator

Christopher Eaton

Barren County Sheriff's Office - Witness tampering in U.S. District Court

Darrell Ford

Tompkinsville Police Dept.- Incest and sexual abuse

Scotty Sandlin

Manchester Police Dept. - Trafficking in a controlled substance, sold morphine to a confidential informant during an investigation

Steven Cox

Mt. Washington Police Dept. - Intimidating a participant in the legal process, criminal mischief 1st degree and trafficking in a controlled substance

Rick Lawson

Cloverport Police Dept. - Tampering with physical evidence

Steve Molen

Pulaski County Sheriff's Office - Deprivation of rights under color of law

Russell Morris

Elkton Police Dept. - Official misconduct 1st degree, possession of a firearm, possession of synthetic cannabinoid with a firearm
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Randall Dodson

Manchester Police Dept. - Trafficking in a controlled substance

Nathan Knight

Kentucky State Police - Obtaining controlled substance by fraud, trafficking in a controlled substance, intimidating a participant in a legal process

Joseph Minor

Barren County Sheriff's Office - Providing false statement to federal investigators

William Day

Scott County Sheriff's Office - Theft of a controlled substance

Timothy Fegan

Maysville Police Dept. - Federal program fraud

William Rice

Taylor County Sheriff's Office Distributing controlled substances

Allen Braden

Monticello Police Dept. - Bribery of a Public Servant

Joseph Satterly

Bardstown Police Dept. - Attempting to obtain a controlled substance by fraud.

Brandon Hawkins

Christian County Sheriff's Office - Rape 3rd degree, Sodomy 3rd degree

Cyril Sykes

Newport Police Dept. - Stalking 2nd degree

Matthew Brown

Franklin County Sheriff's Office - Embezzlement of federal funds

Matthew Morrison

Carter County Sheriff's Office - Tampering with physical evidence

Glenn Caple

Hillview Police Dept. - making false and fraudulent material statements and representations

Brian Damron

Letcher County Sheriff's Office - Receiving stolen property (firearms) receiving stolen property and theft by unlawful taking

Brian Doan

Berea Police Dept. - Assault under Extreme Emotional Disturbance, tampering with physical evidence

Scotty Hill

Boone County Sheriff's Office - Intimidating a witness

Mark Posey

Falmouth Police Dept. - Abuse of Public trust over $500, theft by unlawful taking - firearm, 69 counts of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument

Christopher Thurman

Louisville Metro Police Dept. - Theft by Deception over $500

Stratford Young

Kentucky State Police - Unlawful transaction with a minor

William Gossett

Science Hill Police Dept. - Tampering with public records

Stephen Miller

Leitchfield Police Dept. - Abusive Sexual Contact and Sodomy

Jonathan Osborne

Louisville Metro Police Dept. - Battery

Todd Mattie

Brandenburg Police Dept. - Unlawful transaction with a minor in the 2nd degree

Matthew Corder

Bullit County Sheriff's Office - Deprivation of rights under the color of Law involving the use of a dangerous weapon resulting in bodily injury

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